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Business Insurance

Protect your staff, protect your partner, protect your business, protect your livelihood.

As a business owner, you’ll know that no two days are ever the same. Each day at work there is a new challenge to face, a new solution required, a new opportunity to make the most of. But each day there is also the risk of something going wrong. And if it does, are you protected?

At Millenium Insurance Group, our focus is on the future of your business, whatever your business may be. We want to ensure you have the security of continuity. That is why our comprehensive business insurance plans protect your property, your people, your vehicles and your operations.

Business Continuation Cover

Owning a business has significant financial risk, even in the good times. Business Continuation Cover provides you with a financial safety net, giving you peace of mind should you or a key person within your business ever be in a situation where you can’t work. The value of your Business Continuation Cover is usually subject to agreed upon financial reviews of your company. It also tends only to be available for businesses that have been in operation for three or more years.

Rural Continuation Cover

Farming – there’s no job like it, and it’s not an easy one either. That is why at Millenium Insurance we have Rural Continuation Cover available for our farming clients. This insurance has been designed specifically for the unique environment farmers work in on a daily basis. Our advisers can prepare Rural Continuation Cover to your needs, and select additional benefits such as partial disablement benefits, peak season benefits or accidental injury cover.

Business Expenses Cover

As a business owner, there aren’t just your business expenses to think about, you also have personal expenses to cater for. So what kind of protection do you have in place to cover your rent or mortgage payments, or your rates, repairs and general living costs, should you ever be in a situation where you can no longer work? Business Expenses cover protects you should the worst ever happen and gives you the security that your finances are taken care of enabling you to focus on your health and wellbeing.

ACC Restructuring

If you are self-employed or run a business, you are required to pay ACC levies, but do you know the extent of cover your ACC levies provide you? Many people assume they are covered for any eventuality, but this isn’t always the case. At Millenium, our insurance advisers can work with you to determine what ACC cover you would be entitled to should you ever face the situation of not being able to work because of an incident not covered by ACC.

New Business Income Protection

New Zealanders are renowned for their entrepreneurial streak and every week more and more new businesses are opening their doors. But as a new business owner, protecting your new venture is important. New Business Income Protection provides you with the security that should you fall sick or become injured in the first three years of establishing your business, you, your family and your financials will be protected.

Cyber risk

Protecting your business isn’t just putting in place plans to cover your operations or staff; it’s also protecting you against online risk. The number of businesses on the receiving end of cyber-crime and data breaches is growing rapidly and these attacks bring with them loss of income, loss of productivity and potentially immeasurable damage to your business’s reputation. Insuring your business against cyber risk will help to protect you and your staff members from online attacks and reduce the impact it could have on your organisation.

Property and Assets

If you’re a business owner, pause for a moment and take a look around you to reflect on the property and assets you have. There will be a significant investment before you – how well do you have it protected? Property and Assets insurance allows you to have peace of mind over the property and assets with which you do business, from your computers and other integral equipment to you company vehicles. Don’t leave it to chance. Make sure the assets in your organisation are protected for the value they are worth.

Liability insurance

Liability – it doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, what kind of business you are in or what industry you operate in, you could be liable should a third party make a claim against your organisation. At Millenium Insurance, our advisers can guide you through the maze that is liability and ensure your business has protection plans in place for any such eventualities. It’s not worth taking the risk. Liability insurance will help to ensure your organisation is protected.

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